Travis attended the "meeting" for the Holland Lake Lodge expansion on 9/8/22. He said there were probably 150-200 people there. Although attendees were not able to park at the lodge and the meeting was held outdoors in a field by the barn, locals and those who love Holland Lake lined the road with their parked vehicles and spent over 2 hours asking questions about the expansion. There are many shady situations/ oversights that have come to light and he could tell the "hosts" we not expecting that big of a turn out. Especially since they conveniently gave only a few days notice. We believe if someone is truly proud of what they're proposing, and they know what they're pursuing isn't corrupt, they would be open and transparent with their plans and not wait until so many phases of planning are complete before going public with their idea.


In the Google Drive link shared below, you can listen to the voice recordings my husband made describing his experience at the "meeting." I used quotations because it was not the typical public comment style meeting you would expect for a huge expansion like this. The first recording to listen to is titled "Overview of the meeting- first."


You can also see a video our friend Darcey took of the crowd. Montana folks are not in support of this expansion and it shows! Be sure to click this link to leave your comment and ask the Forest Service why they aren't upholding their own rules and allowing POWDR and Holland Lake Lodge to sidestep the accountability and regulations they've insisted everyone else on Holland Lake follows!?  ➡️

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