Carrier Consultations and Fittings:

Learn about the world of babywearing (ringslings, soft-structured carriers, woven wraps, and much more) with the help from Jacole and Growing up Green

Services- by appointment only:

  • FREE Kinderpack fitting sessions: I will fit you in the appropriate size carrier, show you all of the features and functions, and answer any questions. You'll also receive $10 off the retail price of a Kinderpack if you choose to purchase from us! Kinderpacks come in Infant, Standard, Toddler and Preschool sizes with plus-size strap options.
  • Babywearing 101: In this 2 hour session, you will learn all of the Babywearing basics from my instructional course and leave with print materials for your reference. We will spend ample time trying on various types of carriers that fit your needs and I'll provide education and insight on the features of each carrier.Your two-hour consultation will happen in the privacy of your own home or public place of your choosing.  I will arrive with a variety of carrier options based on your needs and the size of your baby.

    We will then discuss infant hip and spine development and the importance of proper babywearing.  I'll assist you through the fitting process as we decide what type of carrier fits your body and your baby best.

    This fitting will help you to determine the appropriate carrier for you and your baby and I'll navigate you through the purchasing process, whether it be a Kinderpack we sell or a referral to another retailer who can provide the carrier that will fit your needs best.

    If you decide to purchase a carrier through us, you'll also receive $10 off. Cost is $35 and I will travel to your home in the Missoula area.

  • Quick Carrier Consultation: Is the Babywearing 101 course too much information for you? Would you rather attend a 30 minute meeting to discuss and explore a few carriers (3 or less.) I will explain the different features of the carriers and provide quick fittings with your chosen carrier types. $15
  • Carrier Fitting or Back Carry Consultation: Do you have your own carrier and want to learn more about it? This is also a great session for learning how to do a back carry and expanding your knowledge about your carrier. I will help fit your carrier, provide applicable information, and answer all questions. I'll also have other carriers and weighted dolls available for you to use. $20 for the 1 hour session.

Ringslings & Woven Wrap Education- I will travel to your home or we can meet at a public location in town.

  • Ringsling 101: This 1-hour session will provide the opportunity to explore and learn about different brands of ringslings and the various fabrics they’re made of (linen, cotton, double layer linen, silk blend, double layer silk blend, woven wrap, etc.) Or if you already have a ring sling, we will focus primarily on your specific ring sling if you choose. Informational handouts, visuals, and purchasing advice will be provided. You will learn how to position babies and get them in and out of the carrier easily based on their age. We will discuss the different shoulder options and how to add neck support for young babies. Weighted dolls in both infant and toddler size are available, but you're encouraged to bring your child along if you prefer. Ringslings also provide a nice level of support for pregnant bellies, so we will discuss techniques if applicable. $20
  • Wrapping 101: In this 1-hour class, you will learn the basics of woven wraps and practice the front-wrap-cross-carry position with your baby or a weighted doll. We will discuss sizing, materials, brands, purchasing, etc. $20

We have a large teaching library with hundreds of quality carriers, ring slings and wraps including:

  • Kinderpack (infant, standard, toddler, preschool)
  • Manduca
  • Lenny Lamb (baby and toddler)
  • Emeibaby
  • TwinGo
  • Tula (standard and toddler)
  • Lillebaby (standard and toddler)
  • Ergobaby original
  • K'tan
  • Wrapsody hybrid
  • Moby stretchy cotton
  • Ringslings:
    • Sakura Bloom (silk and linen)
    • Natibaby woven
    • Soulslings
    • Mesh water sling and more
  • Woven Wraps, Size 3-8:
    • Tekhni (with repreve)
    • Oscha (silk and linen)
    • Kokadi
    • Didymos
    • Natibaby (hemp and wool)
    • Girasol
    • Pellicano
    • YaroSlings
  • Other Unique Styles
    • Tai Tais
    • Fidella Flytais
    • Kokadi Water Tai-tai
    • Ohnbuhimos (wrapstrap, standard and toddler buckles)
    • Podegi and more!

Email with questions or to schedule your consultation! If you're wanting to rent, be sure to check out our link to the Missoula Babywearing Library!

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