Due to overwhelming interest from former GUG students and campers, all of our summer camps filled up and we were not able to offer enrollment to some of our former students or the general public. We look forward to adding more summer camps to our offerings in 2024. Thank you returning families for choosing Growing Up Green programs year after year!

  • Nature Preschool Camp June 5-7

    June 5, 6, 7: Mon-Tues-Wed Preschool Camp (9am-3pm, on-site, age 4 & 5, 10 campers) Nature Play on our 5-acre campus. Free/creative play time, Montana history lessons, and various structured activities such as scavenger hunts, animal tracking, art and sensory experiences, group games, movement activities, songs, etc. Parents provide lunch […]

  • SOLD OUT: Nature School & Hiking Camp June 12-16

    SOLD OUT: June 12-16: GUG Campus/ Hiking Camp (8:30-3:30pm, ages 6-9, 10 campers) Monday: Blue Mountain Tuesday: Rattlesnake Creek Wednesday: Pattee Canyon Thursday: Larch Camp   Friday: M hike Morning nature play on GUG campus.  Eat snack at 10:45 and leave campus in van at 11am to various hiking locations. Parents […]

  • SOLD OUT: Nature School & Biking Camp June 19-23

    SOLD OUT: June 19- 23: GUG Campus/ Bike Camp (8:30- 3:30pm, ages 7-9, or age 6 if proficient biker, 12 campers) Monday: Folf Course/ Community Garden at Meadow Hill Middle School & Pheasant Run Park  Tuesday: Honeysuckle Park & Cold Springs Elementary Playground Wednesday: Wipakiwa Park Thursday: Garland Park/ Moose […]

  • SOLD OUT: Nature School Camp July 10-14

    SOLD OUT: July 10-14: GUG Campus/ Nature Camp (8:30- 3:30, ages 5-9, 15 campers)  Nature Play on our 5-acre campus at 4717 Orchard Ave. Free/creative play time, Montana history lessons, and various structured activities such as scavenger hunts, animal tracking, art and sensory experiences, group games, movement activities, songs, etc.  Parents […]

  • SOLD OUT: Five Valleys Camp July 31 – August 4

    CAMP IS FULL July 31- August 4: Five Valleys Camp (8:30-4:30pm, ages 6-9, 10 campers)  Monday: Holland Lake Tuesday: Garnet Ghost Town & Beavertail  Wednesday: Lake Como Thursday: Big Larch @ Fish Creek & Sandy Beach along Clark Fork  Friday: Bison Range Leave campus at 8:45. Listen to podcasts, eat […]

  • SOLD OUT: Missoula Community Camp August 14- 18

    CAMP IS FULL August 14- 18: Missoula Community Camp (8:30-3:30pm, ages 6-9, 10 campers) Monday: UM Campus/Planetarium & Moon Randolph Homestead  Tuesday: Fort Missoula & Library  Wednesday: Museum of Mountain Flying, Museum of Forest Service History, Marshall Mountain Thursday: Travelers Rest & Fort Fizzle Friday: Greenough Park & Montana Natural […]


Our 5-acre Nature School campus offers endless opportunities for open-ended play and exploration. Campers will have the opportunity to enjoy the child-led experiences they naturally create as well as lessons surrounding Montana history, animals, plants, and traditions. Roasting food on the campfire, playing in mud kitchens, learning about our environment, meeting the school goats and kunekune pigs, working with tools, assisting in the garden, art experiences, and music/movement are just a few of the activities we have planned for camp weeks. We will also take walking field trips to our private side channel of the Bitterroot River and participate in cooperative games/ teamwork activities.

To register for camp, please click here to fill out our registration form and purchase your camp spot through our online store (links above.)

GUG Nature Camp:

•Provides a supportive, safe learning environment to encourage discovery and experimentation  

•Offers sensory opportunities with live animals, natural objects, artifacts, trail games, outdoor exploration and creative art activities  

•Stimulates cognitive growth and problem-solving skills through hands-on activities, games and discovery-learning in nature  

•Encourages physical motor skills through active learning and play  

•Cultivates social skills and positive self-image through group play and cooperative learning  

•Nurtures self-expression, creativity and reflection  

•Instills respect and appreciation for the natural world

Our curriculum is designed around the following concepts:

  1. Place-Based Education to immerse children in local landscape, heritage, and culture. We facilitate a deeper understanding of local ecology and community-learning through place-based education, inviting children to establish an ongoing relationship with the world we share, and those we share it with.
  2. Unstructured purposeful and productive nature play to provide children space to create their own experience. This involves using loose parts to support imaginative play with items that can be combined, moved, pulled apart and creatively put back together. Sit spots and swings are encouraged to quietly observe the natural world and take a break from movement activities.
  3. Natural learning centers are available throughout the property to encourage imaginative/dramatic play experiences and enforce math, literacy, science, language arts, social studies, art, and social/emotional learning. 
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