What Kind of Carriers Can I use for Kangatraining?

Once a baby can sit up, a SSC, woven wrap, or Mei Tai works well. Heavier babies who can sit unsupported can be worn on mom’s back.

You are welcome to bring your carrier so I can assess its suitability for the class. I will also assist you in getting the best fit and comfort for you and your baby. There will be demo carriers available at each class to try out and I will soon begin renting on an ongoing basis.


Wear comfortable exercise clothes, socks and shoes (or barefoot- especially in the beginning.)

Bring extra onesie for baby, diapers/wipes, yoga mat, towel, water bottle!

We offer training adjustments/ modifications for the various forms of pain or injuries common after a birth with complications or from everyday life after pregnancy, so be sure to inform trainer of concerns on your health questionnaire.

Breastfeeding mothers experiencing mastitis are not allowed to participate in Kangatraining. Breastfeed before session to relieve pressure and weight.

There is really no age limit for babies so long as every mother participating can wear their baby safely and comfortably. For restless older babies, or moms who have a baby and a toddler, the kids are welcome to play on the floor in the room.

Classes are held at the Heart-Strong Center at 2100 S. Higgins in Missoula.